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Warm welcome to the Invisalign for Teens website. Your teens are the best time of your life. It is the time when you start making some important decisions for yourself independently. It is a time to explore your potential and horizons. Apart from the serious sounding stuff, it is also a time for fun, frolic and friends. Dating, meeting friends, playing sport, music, studying, part time jobs etc. are some of the important activities that a teenage lifestyle consists of. Also, this is one of the phases where we obsess over our looks. A pimple, scar or uneven teeth may seem like minor issues. But, during teenage, these can be reasons for some real heartache/distress. Now, the area where we can help you is related to your smile.

We have helped thousands of teenagers smile with confidence and happiness. We provide you with unobtrusive options to straighten those uneven teeth. You might be surprised to know that you need not necessarily wear awkward looking metal braces to straighten your teeth. We offer many other options like ceramic, incognito/lingual braces and also, the innovative Invisalign therapy. These braces are hardly visible and it is very difficult for someone to make out that you are wearing them. Doesn’t that sound perfect? It will fit right into your lifestyle and no one would be wiser than you.

Invisalign is a therapy that leverages the advances in scientific technology to fabricate customized, plastic trays to align teeth in their desired positions. Since they are made of smooth, clear, BPA free plastic, these trays cannot be seen by others easily. They fit over your teeth and are removable. So, unlike with metal braces, you can avoid having a metallic smile and eat, drink and chew without any restrictions. You can even chew gum or bite into a cheeseburger, play sports or musical instruments without having to worry about anything. Cleaning also is easy as they can be removed and rinsed and you can easily brush and floss your teeth.

You also save time as appointments are well spaced out. You are responsible for wearing and changing the aligners as recommended. Your orthodontist will plan and guide the degree and extent of tooth movement. It is important to trust his or her judgement and follow all the instructions. Aligners are just a tool and only a trained and experienced orthodontist will be able to treat you efficiently.

Our office provides an offline or online complimentary consultation with experts. They will guide you to help make decision. Diamond Braces has the distinction of being the top 1% of Invisalign providers in the United States. This means, we are the leaders when it comes to experience and expertise in using Invisalign therapy. If you would like to discuss more with your peers or read reviews from other teen patients, you can always join and participate in our forums or explore the reviews section. You will surely not regret your decision by choosing the best in the business.

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