As they say, the proof of the pudding lies in the eating! Similarly, proof of the effectiveness of our work, lies in the “before” and “after” pictures of our customers. A picture can speak a thousand words and when you look at the after treatment smiles of our customers, it is very obvious that they look healthier and happier than before.

These are all teenagers who have undergone treatment with Invisalign therapy. The cases are all unique and showcase multiple issues that have been resolved orthodontically. Our experienced orthodontists have brought about the changes seen by closely supervising and customizing each patient’s treatment. Invisalign therapy cannot be used successfully with a “one way, suits all” kind of an approach. All the tooth movements need to be monitored. Every 4- 6 weeks when you come in to meet the orthodontist for your check up, the orthodontist will assess the degree of corrective movement achieved. Any course correction required will be noted and adjustments made in the next set of trays. Without proper monitoring and guidance, the aligners are just a set of plastic trays that will not give you the desired results. The doctor will also let you know if your compliance is up to the mark and advise you regarding any delays to be expected. This helps to keep one from falling off the wagon and keeps the motivation levels high till the treatment is completed. A pep talk always does wonders.

Just take a look at all the pictures here and you will be amazed to see how we have managed to transform thousands of smiles. Teenage is not necessarily for teen-ache, it is a wonderful phase in life that shapes your personality and future. So, if your teeth or the idea of braces bothers you, come to Diamond Braces. Our experts are just a smile away.

Before and After Invisalign Cases from Actual Patients

Ana G.

Ana Final

Anna R.

Anna Roth final

apexa final

Donna V

V Donna

Elizabeth G

Elizabeth G Final

Eric F

Eric F Final

Galina Z

Z Galina Final

Giorgi D

Giorgi D Final

Gregory W

Gregory W Final

Jennifer G

Jenny G Final

Kirill K

Kirill Final

Ksenia I

Ksenia Final

Maya P

Maya P Final

Natalia B

Natalia B Final

Sara S

Sarah final

Uliana S

Uliana Final

Vicky S

Victoria S Final

vincent S Invisalign

Yulia G

Yulia G Final

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