As a teenager, you need to understand that unlike an adult patient, your jaws are still growing. There are many changes happening in your body. When you decide to undergo any treatment, you should choose the right doctor. For net savvy teens of this generation, it should be easy to figure out the top orthodontists in your area. You can do your research and then seek an appointment for a consultation. It is always wise to take two to three opinions before you decide on something.

Invisalign therapy is a clear aligner therapy wherein clear, plastic trays are used to guide the teeth to their correct positions. The first step starts with the consultation which is generally extended as a complimentary service. Keep all your questions ready and see the vibe you get from the doctor. After all, you have are entrusting the future of your smile to the doctor.

The orthodontist should be experienced and skilled in Invisalign teen therapy because the whole tooth movement will be planned, executed and supervised by him or her. Go to and search for the top providers in your area using your zip code. Once you get the top providers, look for a purely orthodontic facility as the set up and equipment at a purely orthodontic practice differs vastly from that of a general practice that also does orthodontic treatment. Then finally, look at who has the maximum number of cases and hours of experience in Invisalign teen therapy.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, consult them and decide upon someone who gives a quote that is inclusive of any extra adjustments and the retention appliance. Look at what other freebies, discounts or extra benefits are being offered. Look at the payment options, whether any flexible plan is available or if your insurance would cover it. Your aim should be get the best deal from the best provider and of course, impress your parents too!

Diamond Braces offers great discounts on Invisalign as we are one of the top 1% of Invisalign providers in the country. Align technologies extends great deals to us because of our great numbers and results. We pass on these savings to our customers and the cost becomes pretty affordable. Anybody can contact our expert orthodontists and get an expert opinion at no cost.

Treatment usually takes a year or two. The trays need to be worn all the time except when you are eating, drinking, brushing or flossing. Change them every two weeks and visit your orthodontist every six weeks to ensure all is on track. Once the teeth are aligned, the retention appliance needs to be worn till they get anchored firmly in their new positions. Diamond Braces gives you a lifetime warranty on your smile.

Invisalign therapy is a great option for all teens as it fits discreetly into their lifestyle. You can continue to have a normal teenager’s life without feeling conscious about braces or irregular teeth. Eat what you want, play sport or that trumpet without any fear of injury or damage to you and your trays. What more can you ask for? Get your folks along when you come in for the free consultation and we are sure everyone is going to be so proud of your choice. We are present across locations in the Tri-State area.


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